Monthly Archives: October 2016

Symptoms of a Haunting: Part III

“Katie, I swear I saw someone,” I murmured aloud as I typed, the clicks from my keyboard my only company. I had met Katie on a paranormal abilities forum where she had been posting about the emergence of her abilities. Katie was clairsentient, which meant that she could perceive future events. This wasn’t “seeing” into […]

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Symptoms of a Haunting: Part II

Knock, knock, knock. I groaned, rolling over in bed and pulling the covers up to my chin. I was too warm to deal with visitors. Who would be coming by this early on a Saturday? Knock, knock, knock. Persistent, aren’t they? I lay in bed, eyes still closed, trying to pull myself from the sleepy […]

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Symptoms of a Haunting: Part 1

I saw him again today. At first it was just a flicker at the edge of my vision. A dark shape, a shadow. Something that I always wrote off as nothing, despite the constant feeling of foreboding. You know that feeling you get when someone is watching you across the room? That itchy feeling sitting […]

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