Monthly Archives: October 2017


A single feather lost from a collection of pillows floating across sunbeams buffeted by turrets of dust   dappled in the same sameness of every tomorrow and yesterday   no more wasted invitations no more sighing obligations   no me no more  

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Sunday Morning

As a child, you imagined that clouds were solid and that tomorrows would always come. On Sunday mornings, you’d watch planes drag lazily across the sky. You couldn’t understand how pilots could be so skilled. How do they dodge the clouds, mommy? Shut up and stop asking questions. You’d nod but you’d still wonder about […]

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October 13

The sky is deceptively blue today And bugs whine in the Indian summer heat (Is it still an Indian summer if it happens every year?) I woke up late Which is to say I woke up at the same time I always do Which is to say I have no reason to get up in […]

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