Ice Queen

Icicles dripped from your eyelashes, breaking your ebony skin so slightly. I wondered if you could feel it. A growl like glaciers scraping against each other set my teeth on edge. I must remember that I am a lioness. You threw the biting wind at me, tearing at my offensive porcelain skin. I angled my […]

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A Walk Through the Neighborhood

Anguished leaves fall from above, lamenting their golden finality.  Vines weave lace doilies on the cracked sidewalk that groans with the passing of feet over its surface. Prosaic wind attempts an escape into firmament, but finds itself tangled into golden hair instead.

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Hush, I Might Kiss You

She thought the winter would keep her warm, that the biting and bitching wind would be but hushed kisses on her neck, and the idiosyncratic flakes of frost would be her shroud. Her eyes spattered the bleak panorama with green and gold reflections of autumn nights on tempestuous swells and breakers, becoming the stars hovering […]

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