Please Love Me More

Breathless icicles chiseled their way into her heart
as she dug through memories and sand trying to find
a tattered photograph of souls.

Please love me more.

They eternally stood in the rain together, rain tracing away
tears and black and white lifelessness. They laughed and held
each other like nothing could possibly change.

Please love me more.

He spoke the words into her mouth and she suddenly realized
she didn’t need the picture of happiness
when she could create it with him.

Please love me more.

They exhaled together, lighting the heady darkness

Bodies in the Back Room

There are dozens of bodies in your back room.
You try to keep the door closed, but sometimes
their memories pry the barriers open and climb into
your bed and your brain, just like they used to.

I wonder where they came from, but simultaneously
try not to imagine anything at all. 

I wonder if you murmured the same scarlet words
under cover of covers and velvety blackness.

I wonder if your skin met theirs in just that way,
creating an electricity that I believed was just for me.

I wonder if I’ll just become another body in the back room.