Broken Bones

I broke all of my ribs today.
See, I thought if I could let you see
my heart stutter beating and my lungs
swelling with the air between us,
we could swallow the stardust
in the atmosphere and become
another heavenly body above the world.

I broke all of my fingers today.
See, I thought I could twist
the words into what I needed them
to say, but they remained impossibly immobile,
falling to the ground with every stolen exhale.

I broke my legs today.
See, I thought I could run endlessly
from the ethereal shadow that seeped under
the door in the middle of the night,
but I tripped just like I always do,
and I’m still tethered by my own
tenebrosity like I always have been. 

Sleep Paralysis

A guttural voice muttered
from the shadows that engulf me,
reeking of danger and death.

I am blind. The impenetrable
blackness consumes the light
around me. I suffocate.

The words from the darkness are
inaudible, yet somehow are more
frightening and true for that.

I need to wake up. I try to move
a leaden arm to my slumbering
I am frozen.

A face begins to reveal itself,
emerging from its gloomy cocoon,
a death moth to burrow into my skin.

I breathe as hard as I can, hoping to
wake my sleeping brain. I cannot
escape from my poison sleep.

The darkness evaporates and light
permeates my retinas, burning them.

I am awake. I am safe.