Daily Prompt: Folly

My breath fogged before me and
fell to my feet with a
cracking thud

as I pondered my folly
in stealing the light
from your eyes

with the slam of a door
in the face of holi-
day lights.

via Daily Prompt: Folly


The Daily Prompt for today is “What bores you?” so here goes nothing!

Metallic ringing dries the wet
putrid air with its
desperate clanging attempts at
a melody

Black and white letters play
silently across a screen splashed with
faux bold colors and
mouths miming the words they cannot say

A slow drip funnels through cracks
and splashes with the time of a
metronome set to  a sluggish largo

Even fiery blood deafeningly rushes
through arctic blue arteries
in the silence so thick
I can taste it


Perhaps this best captured not what bores me, but my actual boredom. Anyway, enjoy!