In Pursuit of a Ghost

I walked for two hours trying to find you.
I tripped on cracks in the cement and
cracks in my own mind, but
I still couldn’t find you. I looked in
your office and your home and my
heart and mind, but I still couldn’t find

I passed myself in the shop windows and
only noticed how pale I had become –
you weren’t in the windows either. I
ran into a man in a dark suit. He was not
happy, and he was not

I ripped my dress climbing over
a chain-link fence, thinking the grass
might be greener on the other side, but
you never could see green or red, so
I guess you never knew whether to
stop leaving or go to me. I wonder if
I ever really knew

I used to journal my feelings. It helped
find me find myself when I was lost, but
it seems that this trick doesn’t really
work when you’re looking for someone else.
I can’t stop until I find

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